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Working to engage the future of learning: National Library of Nigeria on the move

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posted on 2023-12-23, 14:14 authored by Chinwe V. Anunobi, Abigail Titilola Mafe

Globally, libraries have become learning spaces where people meet to learn and collaborate. This justifies the evolving roles of libraries from the traditional store house of printed materials to ICT driven innovative environment. Though this transformation has been prevalent at the turn of the century, even during the 3rd industrial revolution, it has become more radical as a result of the global advent of the 4th industrial revolution and the subsequent Covid-19 pandemic, and online pivot of March 2020 which made great demands for e-learning as well as electronic learning resources. Consequently, libraries are not only required to collect, process and make available for use information resources, but to provide them remotely in a suitable and systematically accessible manner while making the environment available for other innovative activities. The latter is justified by information system model which positions that the input, process and output must get evolved to meet the demands of the feedback else it atrophies. National Library of Nigeria has geared up to this challenge with a view to support the future of learning in Nigeria and beyond in order to avoid any obvious atrophy that could embrace future untransformed library . The paper presents all the transformational activities of the National library of Nigeria needed to provide for the future of learning. The presentation will encourage other Libraries to take the same or other innovative steps towards providing for the future of learning.


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